Being Bold: Five Tips to Evolving

#1 Being BOLD, in a way that is congruent and in harmony with who you are. Boldness is stepping up beyond what we think is possible or appropriate for our stage in life. It is to be in touch with our passion, our deepest truth and desire. To speak out loud, in a way that is courageous and true to who we are. Pursue your dream.

#2 Being true to yourself, it is to be authentic, know what you want, speak your mind in the moment, without manipulation, with simplicity and clarity, knowing that your perspective is unique, although one among many others.  Be ready to listen and find similarities in others’ point of view, being open and cooperative.

 #3 Facing challenges. See yourself facing your challenges squarely. See yourself as a tireless warrior-god or goddess, going through all the obstacles with courage and confidence, searching for the best outcome. See your future self, having conquered many challenges throughout your life and feel the love and respect for who you are.

#4 Suspend disbelief. At times you might have doubts that you can face one more difficulty… remember that no matter how enormous the obstacle is, you are bigger than that! What is the lesson this difficulty is teaching you, what blessings does it bring as you look at it fearlessly? At times, you might want the support of others, a friend to cheer you on, to believe in you, someone you can lean on. Take the support graciously and carry on.

 #5 …And when you fall, be like a child learning to walk, who falls and gets up again with the focus in what you want and the determination to accomplish your dream. You are on you path with dignity and equanimity. You are the hero or heroine in your life. Be victorious.

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