Concerns About Aging: Seven Ways to Turn it Around

Aging is a fact of life! It’s natural, inevitable and the best arrangement, if you consider the alternative…

Knowing that and considering the truth of the above statement, let us consider some ways of turning an inevitable, not wanted situation into an advantage, shall we?

  1. What if we feel grateful for a life well lived in such exciting times, with incredible opportunities for continuing to live a great life, for making fabulous contributions to the world and for feeling proud of our accomplishments?
  2. What if we appreciate our long life and our experieces and found wisdom, common sense, forgiveness, kindness, intelligence and good will? And then what if we decide to share all that with the younger generation, with the intention of creating a better world?
  3. What if we Changed our perception of beauty? What if beauty meant good health, simplicity, tranquility, friendliness, fitness, a sincere smile, elegance, good taste? And aren’t these attributes possible at any age?
  4. What if you would consider the fact that our brains have the capacity to continuously create new neurons to give abilities for clear and creative thinking, capacity to continue learning, and to improve our memory?
  5. What if we would stop comparing ourselves to younger women, and learn to appreciate them in their youth, knowing you were young too and enjoyed your own youth and the beauty of that stage in life; your beauty now is different but just as attractive, compelling and stunning? If you felt this way about yourself, who would not feel attracted to you?
  6. What if you respected yourself, honored yourself and loved yourself? How great would that be? What if you see the scars, wrinkles, dark spots, sagging skin as badges of honor, results of your generosity, the birth of your children, the constant giving of yourself, the suffering of a long life?
  7. What if age is just an illusion? And if there is a place within you, where you are perpetually young, vital, playful and delighted, full of wonder, mischief and new ideas. What if infinite love would be your Modus-operandi and you could embrace your old age and say “Thank You” to the Universe?

To grow old is a privilege, not a curse. Love yourself for what you are, what you give, what you receive with a full heart! Have a Grateful Day! Clea Holdridge

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