Learn about the Progress Measuring Tool

Progress measuring tool

This is such a wonderful, versatile tool to use for any issue one wants to work on. Take health as an example. There are eight wedges in this wheel. There could be more or less if needed. Each person can give a word to each wedge to represent the factors that contribute to his/her current health condition. Exercise, Nutrition, sleep, stress, relationships, medications, finances, etc. A different person will have different contributing factors.

The center most hub of the wheel represents 1 (needs improvement) on a continuum and the outer edge of the wheel represents 10 (fabulous) on the opposite end of the continuum.

Each week a person can reflect how he/she managed each factor by drawing a line across each wedge to indicate the relative success in managing each factor. As below. It can be seen that this wheel shows the person managed nutrition exceptionally well, but needs help in managing an exercise routine.

sample wheel

All the wedges get evaluated in this manner. The wheel helps identify the areas of strength and the areas needing help in each of the factors, in this example, of health. As with a real wheel if some of the spoke sections are stronger than others, the vehicle will not ride smoothly. The idea is to maintain the higher rates of success in those factors where there has been success, and at the same time to increase the success of the factors that are low on the continuum so that eventually the wheel will be more balanced and there will be more satisfaction with the area of life that is being focused upon.

Keep a copy of a blank wheel on hand so that a new wheel can be started whenever it is needed. In the beginning, the factors can be rated daily and then later changed to weekly when it is appropriate.

Create awesome wheels and ride smoothly to your satisfaction through right action.

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