One Idea Can Change Your World

One idea, can transform the world… maybe that sounds too daunting, that is too much, but I can transform my world. If I am effective it has to come out of me. If I am not, it will die with me and no one will know. If I can’t transform myself and improve my own life, I have no opportunity to make an impact on anyone or contribute to the betterment of anyone.

What happens in us when we reject our ideas? Ideas come from a very deep space in us, it is a prompting, an inspiration from our source, the source of who we are. And when we reject that gift, we’re saying: I don’t need any guidance, I don’t need any help, I don’t know how to express that idea, it’s too much for me, I have other things to do.

We are all heroes, look at any hero you might have or know about; from movies, stories or imagination. He or she is a good person, intelligent, kind, like anyone of us. Something happens in his or her life, and he has an idea, of how to solve that situation; and there are obstacles, but he/she has an idea that would make a difference, so with determination, pursues this idea, perhaps with many difficulties until he/she overcomes all obstacles and comes out the hero, victorious. That is the plot in every hero/heroine story, right?

We are no different. We all have our stories, thousands of them. What lessons have we learned from them? What ideas did we came up with, to make life easier, not to repeat the same mistakes, to give our children a better life? We have all dealt with difficult situations at work, at home, financial difficulties, health, loss, unemployment, old age, death, family disharmony. I’m enumerating all these things to refresh our memories, to remind us of how much we have experienced and that the experiences can create a fountain of ideas.

And from these experiences come ideas on how we might help others and ourselves. We can offer a suggestion to improve their lives, share from our experiences, provide moral support and encouragement.

I came to this country when I was twenty five years old, with three small children; I was in a bad marriage and the move was an attempt to save this marriage, away from family interference, to create a new life. What happened is that the marriage had more stress than ever before. Financial difficulties, loneliness, being in another culture, different customs, no friends or family, not knowing the language, and I got pregnant again. The marriage was too fragile to sustain that amount of stress and we divorced.

You can imagine how much I learned in those two years after I arrived here.

I learned a new language, how to deal with loneliness, make new friends, even though my English was rudimentary, deal with financial difficulties, get used to the culture and customs, take care of children, give birth to one more child, get a divorce.

Well do you think there are people out there that can use help in any of these areas?

You bet! There are many, and if you think about your life and the experiences you had, you can come up with several ideas on how you can help other people and help yourself too.

Now, I want to do a visualization, in the form of guided meditation, where I’ll guide you to meet a future self, and inspire you to learn what you need in order to know what you want to do, and what are the ideas that will change your world.

Sit comfortably on your chair, back erect, feet planted on the floor. Take a deep breath through the nose and exhale slowly through the mouth holding the inhale for a couple of seconds and then exhale gently through the mouth.

Imagine you are very high on a mountain, looking on the side of the mountain at this vastness, open space that goes on and on. It is a clear day and you can see very far. You see birds gliding, and calling to each other. The sun is warm on your skin. The breeze brings a beautiful fragrance of flowers and herbs growing nearby. You feel very relaxed, appreciating the spacious environment you are in. You listen to the silence and it seem endless. You are by yourself and you feel very happy there.

As you look toward the horizon you perceive a few lights scintillating in the distance. You feel an excitement, and as you continue paying attention you perceive one light which is brighter and more scintillating, and you feel as if you know this light. The light becomes brighter and is coming toward you. By now you sense from the inside, that this light is your future self. As it gets a few yards from you, you start noticing the form within the light. It is a beautiful form of grace, beauty, confidence and friendliness – as if this person has attained all the attributes he or she wanted and is totally successful.

There is a feeling of awesomeness as you take in all of it, and slowly you realize, it is my future self.  Whatever qualities he or she has, you also have, perhaps in an un-manifested way. You walk closer, and welcome and respectfully embrace your future self. You feel the energy of kindness and generosity. The silence seem to surround both of you, until you back away and allow that future self to leave.

It was a simple encounter and it leaves you feeling grateful, confident and contented. You find yourself sitting on the side of the mountain, as if you had a restful time and you are very awake refreshed and know what you want to do.

The future is not a place we are going to… It is what we are creating right now.

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