About Coaching

Is having a coach right for you? Here are seven things to consider about it.

These days coaching is very popular. There are many modalities available and many approaches. I want to propose a discussion of coaching in case you are considering coaching for yourself.

There was a time when family members provided coaching to each other, although it was not called coaching. It was part of family life. Times have changed, and families are very busy and fragmented. This service is provided now mostly by professional coaches or Life Coaches.

What I have observed in life and experience is that having a coach provides an advantage, because it accelerates development in any area of life – be it in career, wealth, health or relationships.

Some points to remember:

#1. A coach is trained to listen and to help you sort out your options, match your abilities, talents and experience with your most cherished dreams. The value of the coach facilitates moving you in the direction you want to go, in the most expedient and direct way.

#2. By attentively listening, a coach offers you the opportunity to speak freely of your dreams, wants and desires. And an authentic coach gives you encouragement to be authentic as well.

#3. To sort out what your priorities are, your coach and you will create a series of inspired actions to start you in the direction of your desired goals. She/he will ask you powerful questions to uncover the deeper meaning of your desires and discover the motivation that will take you toward your goal.

#4. You will have someone to be accountable to, to whom you’ll relate your successes and express your uncertainties. Your coach will be there to help you to know your emotions and to change your energy by changing your thoughts.

#5. Your coach can offer you powerful processes which  will neutralize the deeply ingrained beliefs that no longer serve you, and will replace them with effective affirmations to support your intentions.

#6.Your coach will offer you opportunities to expand your imagination with guided meditations, visualizations and future visioning, which will make your dreams more refined and clear. You can create a life based on your highest imagination.

#7. Your coach will be there to celebrate all your accomplishments, and create goals for future development which include: relationships, spirituality, family life, recreation, travel, charity, heath, wealth and well-being. Your coach will witness all of your successes and affirm that you did it!

Now find a coach who is a good match for you.

Here are some ways to recognize a good coaching match:
1. How do you relate with each other? Is there presence and attentive listening?
2. Is there rapport? Is there an  interest in knowing each other? Are the questions pertinent and powerful?
3. Is there a silent mind listening for what you have to say?

If you are a good match, there is a release of tension, a feeling of higher energy, an optimism, and an expansion after only the first session with your coach.

Choose someone you trust and feel good about.

When it’s not a good match, there is a feeling of tiredness and a feeling that you were not heard.

I would love to be your coach if we are a good match. It is exciting to offer coaching to someone eager to receive it and  to grow with it.

I normally start with a free consultation.
Clea Holdridge- Law Of Attraction Coach.


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