Attend the Women’s Third Age Transformation Summit

I’m about to give you access to something you’ve been in search of for a while!

24 of the world’s top leaders in fulfilled living after 50 (including yours truly) will reveal the secrets to:

  • Rediscovering your purpose and passion.
  • Getting through the Menopause to Meno- Power.
  • Building health, strength and glorious longevity.
  • Forging a new path for the next twenty five years.
  • Creating a legacy for the world.
  • Conquering fear and self-doubt as you move into Majesty.
  • Remembering the gifts that you are to the world.
  • Leading as women in the Third Age.

We are unveiling the first time ever “Women’s Third Age Transformation Summit”; a gathering of women who are creating a New Model of Aging and “sage”-ing women—one that you may not know about.

When you register today, you will gain access to my interview with Marion Elliott; where we get real about what life has to offer our generation. It is loaded with great information.

If you are feeling as though your after-50 life is irrelevant, you will really want to see what this is all about.

I invite you to take this step now, not only for yourself but for the world that is calling you into your power and majesty as an older woman.

Click here to receive free instant access….link here

Clea Holdridge

You know why you received this email today, don’t you?

*PS- This event will fill up quickly, so I encourage you to grab your spot now.

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