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DREAMS Coaching Program With Clea Holdridge

Dear professional women and men approaching retirement who want – finally – to be the hero/heroine of your life:
If you are uncertain of what direction to take; facing important decisions for your future…
You have now the opportunity to create your life a new, but you cannot see the future and what you want is not quite clear. I want to assure you that I have been there. I have wondered for hours, and days and weeks, considering all the what if’s, and butt’s. I’ve made wrong decisions and started over again more than once.

So, I know that feeling. As I recall now, it was a very difficult time for me. I didn’t want to change anything. I was pleased with what I was doing, and I was not prepared. I was told to get ready for retirement at a certain time. I felt fear and injustice. Whatever time I was given to get organized, I spent thinking how I was going back to where my family was, to do what I used to do; in other words I was assuming my future would be similar to the past.

I can tell you that it cost me not to access my resources, my talents and experiences, not to examine what I wanted and why. It took me 4 years of difficulties, wrong decisions, and wasted time to find out what I wanted in my life. It cost me a lot of stress and money.

I realized later that I had learned many lessons during those years. I had grown in so many ways, and I let go of old ideas which did not serve me any longer. I had adopted more updated attitudes. The old ways were gone and there were so many new and more appropriate attitudes to embrace. The world is evolving and I am too.

There are many opportunities for us now as a result of the uses of technology and the changes in our cultures and globalization. And if we maintain ourselves in good health, we’ll be living longer, and we’ll be able to explore more of these opportunities.

Based on my experience, I created a program that will facilitate the choice making process for you. It is called DREAMS. Each letter represents one process that we will use in this course.
With this course you will learn a different way of making choices that will bring you more satisfaction, you’ll be able to get behind your choices because they are based on your strongest and deepest values. They are not based on the latest trends or on advice from others. They are made from your heart.
You can use this process to make any choice, not only what you’re going to do for the rest of your life, but where you are going to live, if you should buy or rent, what relationship to have, where you’re going for a vacation, what dress to buy, it can be used at any time you are faced with a choice.
Course Description: DREAMS

D- Is for dream or explore possibilities. You will use your imagination, to become free to dream big.
R- Remove obstacles, what is in the way, or what could slow you down or even stop you from reaching your dream? What do you choose to let go of in order to move toward your dream? Are feelings of getting older or maintaining your health an issue for you? Are old beliefs still holding you back? Are relationships making it difficult for you? We will use many processes to examine resistances, beliefs and blocks. We’ll explore alternatives, always considering your values as your guide.
E – Expect- Once you uncover what is your heart’s desire, and you have established how you’ll eliminate what is in the way, the next thing is to know that it is a sure thing, you will have what you wish, because you are taking action to get there, (like eliminating the obstacles).
A – Affirmations.- To be done in the present tense and be very positive, we will give lots of examples of simple, powerful affirmations. I recommend daily practice of those, both in written and spoken forms.
M – Mental visualizations. Learn to create your own vision by imagining yourself in your dream; acting the part well and being happy with yourself in every way under different scenarios. Your visualizations are a kind of rehearsal for the real thing. An example would be to imagine sometimes you are with friends, sometimes you’re alone, or it might be raining. Experiment in a variety of ways until you are perfectly comfortable. Creating a dream board is good also.
S –Support- Throughout the course, I recommend you pair up with somebody to get support from one another, to practice together to exchange ideas, and at home too, if you can get someone to support you in the same way, with practices, ideas, and feedback. I will also support you, encourage and celebrate you in many ways.
When we are older it’s important to reach out and ask for support, we are all interdependent, even though we think we are not or we don’t wish to be. It is a good practice.

The Intentional results of this program are:
That you have the confidence and that you are free to make good choices.
That you have a new perspective in life, like a breath of fresh air, and the vision of a Bright Future ahead.
That you can feel comfortable to expand as a person, without changing who you are.
That you have the confidence that you can really make a difference for yourself, your family, and for the world.

Here is what is included in this program:
1. Sessions by phone with me – Once a week – for 6 weeks – to take you through each phase of the DREAMS process. Each class will be recorded so you can listen to the call at your convenience.
2. Your personalized guidebook to help you map your progress, and it can be kept for guidance in future.
3. Two “Just in time” calls- maximum 30 minutes each – through the duration of the program and emails to give you the added support that you may need during the course.

In order for us to get you to such an empowered place, and to get to know each other, I want to make sure we are a good fit to work together. So I invite you to talk with me on a discovery session (30 min.) to uncover what’s slowing you down, getting in the way or stopping you from being the heroine/hero of your life.

Click here to apply for a complimentary discovery session with me.

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