What is Courage?

If the opposite of fear is courage, then the variations between these opposites constitute a continuum.

What does it mean to act with courage? It does not mean that there is no fear present, instead, it means that one acted in spite of the fear.

As an example, let’s imagine someone with fear of public speaking. The person has prepared for his/her talk, is exited about presenting his/her unique point of view, has invited many friends to share that experience with. Yet, as the day of the presentation approaches, the fear starts being felt, as a general anxiety, worry and preoccupation with what could happen, like dropping all the papers on the floor, or tripping on the way to the podium or forgetting all the prepared presentation.

Well, if one continues on this line of thought, the fear will slowly take over and the person is actually rehearsing to do all the things she/he is fearful of, hands get sweaty, shakiness, dry mouth, spacing out. If instead, one focus on the opposite, by remembering a time in which you felt courage, acted with courage and certainty, that is what one would be rehearsing. In this case embracing the opposites. Yes there is fear, but also courage.

It would be good to explore how different opposites work.

An interesting facet of language is that for most things which we have a name for, there is also the opposite. Like beautiful/ugly, hot/cold, light/dark, peaceful/ angry, aggressive/timid, small/large.

For some time, I made it into a game, which provided me with emotional flexibility, and I found  it very useful . Every time I would feel a strong emotion, I would imagine it’s opposite. I would draw a line on a piece of paper, write one feeling at one end and the opposite on the other end. Than, I would feel where I was in this continuum. If I did that I could come from a place of balance or raise my vibration considerably. Let’s say, I would be very angry and ready to blow my top. I would think, “ what is the opposite of angry?  -It is calm and peaceful. And just because I remembered the opposite, I was already in a much better place, I had interrupted an old pattern of blowing my top, and found a new way to be.

We can’t get rid of either of the opposites, because they are a unity, like two sides of one coin, but you can choose where you want to be in this continuum, embracing the opposites. If you would like, write your thought about courage and fear, think of times you acted out of courage, make yourself familiar with the feeling.

Pay attention to body posture, strength, steadiness, confidence, how do you breathe, and where are you looking at. Are your eyes lowered or making eye contact. There is so much to discover, and after that, you can make a choice of what feeling feels better.

Write your thoughts about Courage.

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